Girls, Who is in the wrong? How do I handle this?

I'm a teen boy. My mom and i got in an argument. She was yelling at me and ended up pushing me. I pushed her back a little bit, which I know I shouldn't have done, but it didn't really do anything anyway. I'm the smallest kid in class and not very strong. But she immediately stepped forward and kicked me in the balls. I crumpled to the floor and curled up crying. I couldn't stand up. It hurt too much. She laughed at me, told me that's what I get, etc. She said that she hopes it hit hard enough to make me a girl, because she didn't want to have a boy when she found out anyway. How do I handle this? Who is in the wrong?


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  • wow. she is a horrible mom to say something like that and sounds like a child. She is esp kicking you in your private area is abuse. Tell a family member that she is doing that to you. If they love you, they'll nkow its wrong. Dont do nothing to her. She is your mom and dont want things to get worse

    Next time you feel an argument coming, silent treatment. Dont add fuel tto the fire.