Girls, what did your best first date ever entail? What did your worst first date ever entail?


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  • Got a good one. Went on a first date with a guy in the city. Told him I would meet him there, but he insisted on taking the train together so we could talk. Fair enough, but he didn't bring money for the train. So I had to pay. We finally get to the city and its fucking cold. He never offers his jacket, because he says "You feel warm enough already." and asks if he can have my gloves. Gradually thought the date he makes me carry more of his shit, phone charger, sunglasses, dead phone, what have you. I felt like a mother. We went for coffee, he didn't even offer to pay and on the way out I was catcalled. I felt extremely unfordable and walked into the nearest store, but he told me to be flattered and was taking it the wrong way. Then proceeded to compare it to a time where he was catcalled by "some gay fag." If anything could get any worse he asked me if Asian girls have sideways vaginas, and brought 3, YES 3 vape things with him. On the way home he had lost his ticket, so I bought another one for him then bluntly told him I wasn't interested. Jeez, there's so much more that was awful about it but I don't need to revisit that dark time in my life.

  • I guess just hanging out at my flat together and then trading virginities :') - me and my boyfriend had been friends online for a long time and then in an LDR before that though lol