Not sure if this girl is into me or not?

So this sophomore girl that sits next to me in a class has taken my intrest, I am a jr by the way. I talk with her casually a lot, not as much as a normal person I'd talk to though. Through a person that betrayed:( me and told her I liked her she asked if true, I was like yeah a little then she said "stop lol". we didn't talk much for some days after until I asked for her sc (we been using instagram) she told me no and I was like alright I get it (thought rejecting but cmon it's only snapchat) later that day itching at me I messaged her about how to clear up this awkwardness of me liking you, and how I just wanna get closer to you. (small back story, I should be moving schools and moving by end of September due to personal reasons, but I'm trying to talk mum out of it). she asked what's so intresting about me after and I replied with a paragraph of all of it. she replied with "when are you moving" I told her I'm probably not going to. she hasn't replied and at school it's casual talk setting.


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  • I am sorry, but I don't think she is.


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  • She's just a nice friendly person.


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