Girls, when do girls generally get serious about romantic relationships, when they stop playing games and know what they want?

Im a 18 year old guy and I just recently got out of a relationship with a very immature 16 year old girl. I've dated 18 year olds, and 17 year olds. They all don't seem to know what they want, they all seem to want to play games, I'm just curious as to what age girls generally stop fooling around and start wanting a serious relationship. Unfortunately I've been "cursed" to be more mature than most other people my age. Perhaps It's just bad luck I get stuck with girls who like to play games, and don't know what they want. What age do girls get serious about romantic relationships? I know it depends on the girl but there has to be a line or something.


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  • It is possible many girls this age want to play the game of being chased around, which may be to test how interested you are in them. It is however, a drag. I am 19 and I can assure you not all girls are like this. I on the other hand, prefer to let a guy know I'm interested as well and continue to get to know him. The whole culture of acting "petty" and like you need to have 5 guys after you is stupid to me. If I were you, I'd be honest from the start and let a girl know that you just want to get to know her (once you start getting serious) and that you're too old to play games and that you hope you're both on the same boat. If not, then simply tell her you two want different things and talk to other people. Best of luck.


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  • i dont think people play games bc they dk what they want. they play games bc they dont know what the OTHER person wants and are tryin to be safe intil further notice. if you want a person to not play games, be honest and communicate directly. if they still play games then move on. most people will respond to honesty with honesty. i dont think most people like playing games, they just feel like if they dont they will get played. its defensive.

  • At least a few more years, if not 5-10.