Why won't he stop calling?

i went out with a guy for around a year and a half. it was super rocky and he even cheated on me once. I stayed with him but honestly I just got tired of our fighting and broke up with him. This was about two months ago and he still keeps calling everyday, asking to go back out. somedays, like today he cries like a baby and asks me why I can't just go out with him. whenever I try and talk to him we just end up fighting so why does he put himself through this? why doesn't he just leave me alone?


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  • It just seems like he is having trouble letting go. I know it may be sound harsh, but honestly the best thing you could do for both of you would be to stop answering his calls/texts/emails. You don't even have to tell him that you aren't going to talk anymore, just stop. By talking to him, you are just giving him false hope that you will come around and decide to get back together with him. This is no good for him, because it prevents him from moving on, and it is no good for you because you have to get all worked up and deal with all of this turmoil when you guys fight. It may be hard to cut off communication, but trust me, it will be the best thing in the long run.


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  • He likes your pussy...and he wants more mabye he's addicted to it ... and he can cheat on you too cause you will take him back he probably thinks you are stung up on him, I bet you like the attention too, and if he stops calling you, you will probably contact him to keep the chase...


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  • Wow, super clingy weird boy you got there.

    Tell him straight... Say your not interested and there is no chance anymore.

    But then again, there's a reason why you pick up the phone.

    Dont get yourself on a high because he's calling, your only giving him false hope.

    Tell him that's it, you won't reply to texts, or answer the phone.