GUYS - HELP! is he busy or uninterested?

we met on my birthday in march and we both instantly hit it off to the point where he told the entire world about us the next day. he told my roommate, my co worker, and his roommate that he "REALLY LIKES ME" -- so ever since we have been talking, but taking things VERY slowly, as in texting each other occasionally (when we do text, we bomb each other's phones) but it was never a continuous conversation on text, never. we did text a couple of times to make plans, where to meet up, etc. he took me out on one date in June and he texted me next day and said it was amazing. we also waited to have sex for two months. fast forward to this month, after being out of town for two months and finally back, we haven't seen each other yet! i got back three weeks ago and i still haven't seen him! its been since june!! he did send me a video last weekend apologizing for flaking out due to sleeping all day due to exhaustion from work trips and his big project. he said he owuld like to meet up durin the week, but we both never got in touch about that this week. so i decided to text him to see if he's available to finally catch up this weekend. so is he just avoiding me, is he scared, or is he busy, or is he uninterested? guys, usually if you like a girl, u would put more effort right? i haven't seen him since June and he did text me last week asking to see me bec it was "overdue" he said. so im not sure whats going on here. I don't know whats gonna happen this weeeknd.


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  • He seems busy. I would try to meet up with him soon. If it's meant to be it's meant to be. If you like him a lot keep trying. If it doesn't work out at least you tried and put effort.


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  • I think he's busy and probably working on something big at work. I know that if you really love someone you need to find time for them but let me tell you that all men vary when it comes to that. Some men will find time no matter what while others don't know how to but that doesn't mean he doesn't care. Maybe when next you meet try to talk to him about it and see where it leads to before you deduce what he really feels for you. Goodluck