Girls, have you ever dated two or more guys at once?

Girls, have you ever dated two or more guys at once?

Would you lie to the guys to protect yourself?

example: You tell guy A that guy B is just a friend.

If so, why do you think you act in this way?

What past experiences in your life may promote this behavior?


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  • wouldn't lying about it mean cheating? usually people know when a relationship is not exclusive so there is no need to beat around the bush.

    some girls will want to have exclusivity however girls also get the frequent impression that men don't enjoy 'the talk'; now tell us, what in the world do you want a girl to do being placed in a situation where we are fed the notion that men generally hate to talk about issues of commitment and yet will drop the bomb on you by not calling?

    so unless you sit the girl down or she has forced the talk on you and you actually listen in earnest and provide honest answers, then it's not a lie if she does date others and not tell you about it.


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  • Yes I have dated over two guys at once.

    No. I would not lie to a guy to protect myself. I would be very honest upfront and I will them that I am dating other people. Gotta test the waters! They usually understand.


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  • It has happened to me.

    Once I had a girlfriend who was dating two other guys at the time when we were girl and boy friend. She also didn't want to loose me and therefore she used to lie to me about them. However, the reality revealed soon and I was so sad about it since telling lie is always disappoints the one who you tell lie to. We broke up then!

    • Yeah I understand completely. A girl who disrespects me is not worth it. I much rather have a girl that sleeps around and is honest about it. At least in that case I know what I'm dealing with. I would consider a girl that lies about sleeping around a "slut" before a girl who did not lie about it. People who lie about what they do have no idea who they are. They are confused and lack morals.