Am I a mate or is this a date?

Every now and then he calls me mate or uses my name, I recently asked if he wanted to go do something fun like bowing, he replied with yeah man but how bout we go to dinner?

I don't know what this means. He always asks how I am and what I'm doing this weekend and seems to remember stuff I've told him, is he just a caring friend or does he want more?


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  • I think that calling you his mate is weird. Unless your reffering to the English term mate as in freind. It sounds like he wants to go on a date and is shy about just asking you out on a date.

    • I find it weird to, he normally says it like "hey mate" or "thanks mate" but more often will use my name when we talk, very confusing!

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    • ok well what part are you freaking out about? Or are you just over thinking in general?

    • Well we hAve never gone to dinner, just movies and fun games, dinner just seems more personal I guess. It's hard to explain, so I'm going to go with over thinking everything haha

  • Meh... not really convinced he's into you...


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  • He likes you but is unsure if you feel the same. Guys don't invest time and attention on girls they aren't interested in.

    • Is it weird that we don't text, mostly chat when we see each other as we work near each other?

      And thanks for the advice, I'm terrible at showing how I feel

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    • That makes so much sense, I may need to push myself a little more and say things instead. of ignoring it, thanks so much!

    • Yeah, I am quite old fashioned and believe a guy has to initiate the first move but sometimes they also need an encouragement so there is nothing wrong with showing him that you like him too.

      Anytime! Feel free to message me if you are in doubt.