My "boyfriend" said really hurtful things and now he's?

my boyfriend said some really cruel things to me yesterday and I'm really hurt on what he said. He was acting funny after I had posted photos on instagram and I asked what's wrong and he kept being funny so I warned him if he continued to act like that I will hang up so he said go ahead, and I hung up then he texted me saying you'll regret what you just did... and then after that he sent me this long text. The friends that I have are GAY, but my boyfriend is still jealous of them. He texted me later after this entire conversation as though nothing he said was wrong. I just don't know what to do. I'm hurt. and he knows I'm upset. but I don't know what to do.. (read the picture)My

1mo If you're going to correct my boyfriends grammar then at least make sure yours is correct as well. you're making yourself look like a fool. and if all you're doing is commenting "his grammar is awful" I'll just report your comment. thank you.


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  • Your boyfriend is so retarded I couldn't even fully understand that the grammar was so bad my brain hurts.


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  • Grammar is awful

    • 1mo

      How are you going to try and say grammar is awful yet you can't even place a period at the end?

    • 1mo

      That's true, I like you now. :3

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