Bestfriend vs Boyfriend?

Your best friend and boyfriend fight all the time... They are both clearly in the wrong but they want you to choose a side?
Example: You're hanging out with your boyfriend ladies.. and your friend comes by and says something sly (clearly a joke) bout your boyfriend and it was funny and you laughed.. o. o He clearly didn't like the joke and says something sly about her (it also was funny and you laughed) now it escalates and they both are bumping heads... Every time they see each other they are fighting and you get put in the middle.. one your a bad friend for not defending your bff and two your a bad girlfriend for not defending your boyfriend... ?

I hate drama.. It has gotten to the point where even if I try to defend myself on why I will not choose a side.. Its not heard correctly and words are being put in my mouth to hurt the other person...

I have by the way told them they are both wrong how I shouldn't be put in the middle of they problems.. the funny part is they are both like yes yes you are right... then next day its the same thing again


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  • Do they fight when you are not there? Maybe they don't see each other in that situation at all. But it looks like they are competing for you. They both want the other one out, and you are stuck in the middle because you are the only one who can put "the other one" out of scene. I'd recommend you take them both to a talk and tell them this: "If this goes on I'll stop being your friend (to your friend) and I'll stop being your girlfriend (to your bf) at once."

    • well as far as ik its just when im around.. only time i heard of them fighting (when i wasn't around) is on snapchat.. She took a picture of him or something and he got offended and told me to tell her (i honestly forgot) but basically to take the picture off her story o. o... but yeah ill try what u suggested ^^

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  • I would literally be Switzerland, its the only way you will be able to have a relationship with both of them and tell them to set their damn pride down and try to get along for your sake, they don't always have to be together but when they both are with you they should be adults and not immature twats.

    • lol XD yeah its easier said than done

    • i just think its stupid solely because its not like you're asking them to be best friends, just civil.

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  • Tell them both to cut the shit


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  • Sounds immature. I'd tell them to grow up or I'll be rid of both of them.

  • If they're both wrong I'll tell them they're both wrong, end of the issue