I dont get her?

Sorry for the grammar just got to get this out for the last few months i've become closer to a female friend i've known for about a year she found out i liked her she never said anything about so i decided to move on and just be friends which is very hard because i have really do have feelings for her ever since she found out we have been spending more time together we go out to dinner a couple nights a week we talk for hours she has spent time with my family and when she talks to them she always looks at me in the eyes and smiles we have a great time but when we are with our group of other friends she will just flat out ignore me we went to a concert last night she said like two words to me kept looking at me now and then and at the end of the concert she gave everyone a hug and just flat out walked by me it felt like i had been stabbed in the gut i just dont understand how you can bond with someone have deep talks about things and then be treated like i'm some acquaintance i dont deserve to be treated like that by a "friend" can anyone help? Everyone i've asked has said i've been friendzoned but if you could see the way she acts around me you would second guess it my gut instinct is usually spot on


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  • No you don't deserve it


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  • FriendZonetrust me. Ignore her and get on with your life it's like your feeding her ego man. Be your own person