Is he losing interest in me or am I just too sensitive?

Me and this guy met through a mutual friend back in February. We were both in college, he was a graduating senior and I was a junior. At the time I wasn't really looking to date or a relationship, so when we went out for food or coffee it was very casual on my part. We always have fun times and good laughs when we were together, so naturally I became really attracted to him. After a few dates, an opportunity came up, we had sex, and several times after that. We didn't really get to talk about our relationship, I wasn't even sure if we were dating (Non-exclusively). Then the summer couldnt come soon enough, we got out of school. He decided to stay for law school, but he's leaving abroad for the summer. So basically we were apart for 4 months. We did keep in contact and everything, but it was hard because of the time difference.
I saw him for the first time in months 2 weeks ago, and nothing was different between us. We talked, we laughed, we had sex. I couldnt be more happy to see him again, and he seemed like so too. For the following 2 days, I spent all day helping him move to the new apartment right next to my house (my land lord built a brand new house next to ours and I told him about it a few months ago). He said he will take me out for dinner as a thank you present, but then ever since, I haven't gotten a text or call from him, until 2 days ago I ran into him in Starbucks. He told me how busy law school and ROTC is and that he will invite me to see his apartment one he's finished moving everything in. I still haven't hear from him, I understand how heavy law school works can be, but sending a text shouldn't be that hard? It's been bothering me for a week, then last night, around 9pm, I saw him walking out of his place with a girl (but then he also has a lot of female friends). I almost lost it.
Here I am, upset and helpless. I dont know what to do. I feel used. Is he losing interest in me? Should I text him and pretend I didn't see anything?


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  • I think he may be losing interest since you saw that girl leave his place. Even if she was a friend he should be making time for you. He can't be super busy like that if he is hanging with other friend's. I would leave him alone and talk to other guys. If he is still interested he may come back to you.


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  • It was just a booty call. He used you in order to have sex with you, now he's probably interested in the other girl.