How do I be the perfect boyfriend?

Describe the ideal boyfriend. Im dating this great girl and really don't want to mess this up


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  • It really depends on the girl you're dating, however there's no such thing as perfect just be the best you can be for yourself first and her.


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  • Firstly, stop worrying about messing up... That will just make you overthink things and isn't productive. She's dating you, she likes you... So just keep doing you. I'm sure you know what she'll appreciate it.. Being supportive, caring about her, having the ability to empathize with her if you get into an argument before it gets serious. A lot of girls like spontaneity, being adventurous and funny.. which helps to prevent the relationship getting boring.


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  • You can never be the perfect boyfriend, because that's my boyfriend. But you can still strive for the ideal. And I'm here to help you with these tips and tricks.

    1) Girls love a guy who takes control. Be aggressive, be a little mean. But not too mean. Just put her in her place sometimes when she gets a little loud. That's sexy ;)
    2) Girls love sensitive guys. So make sure you complain about all your problems. You don't need to search for a solution to all your problems, just make sure she knows about them.
    3) Girls like together time. So the next time she wants to hang out with her friends, tag along. She'll be so happy. Even if she's modest and says you don't have to come, come anyway. Surprise her at the door. She'll love you for it.
    4) Now this is where it gets tricky. Contrary to number 3, girls also love alone time. So one some days, make sure you completely give her her space. Don't bother her, not even a text or snapchat. This next part is very important, she will indubitably attempt to talk throughout the day, this could be because she feels guilty for wanting this alone time. This is natural. So you have to be supportive and remember its for the best.


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