Good First Date?

I just went on my first date EVER and I can't tell if it was a good first date or not. So, I am going to tell you what happened and then you can give me your opinion.

So the date was a double date and we had planned on going to see Don't Breathe which an R-Rated movie and lets just say we couldn't get in. So one of the guys we went with called his older brother and drove us downtown. Where we then walked around and ordered a pizza to go. While we were waiting for the pizza to be ready we went into Urban Outfitters where we tried on these huge fluffy jackets and goofed around.. Then we went back and got the pizza and then walked down to the water. Where we sat on the rocks and ate pizza while talking. (The guy who I was supposed to be set up with's name is Noah, just btw). After we finished our pizza we walked up to a creamy stand and got ice cream.

After we finished our ice cream the sun started to set so Noah had and idea to go to a parking garage and watch the sunset. So we went to the parking garage and started to watch the sun set and while the sun was setting Noah invited his friend luke. Luke was a rapper that lived in town. So luke came and met up with us and then decided to show us his secret place. His secret place was this like huge roof that you can only get to if you climb under this hole in the fence on like the 5th floor of the parking garage. But the hole was zip tied but somehow luke had pliars and he cut the zip ties. So then we broke onto the roof and noah and I broke away from the group and went and sat with out feet dangaling off of like a three story building watching one of the busiest streets in our town and we were just talking and staring at the people and the stars. But he didn't kiss me.


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  • it sounds ok but not your typical first date , sounds more like you were just hanging out with him downtown , than actually going on a date with him


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  • It sounds like a great date to me. A kiss would have been perfect though!