Is it time to give up?

Been talking to a girl for about five months going on to six, she just got out of a relationship and says she isn't looking for anything. We hangout here and there and talk pretty much everyday via text. We have already slept together a number of times and we know each other families so things are on a bit more of a personal level than friends with benefits. I don't know if I'm the impatient one and just want the title already she said she just wants to take things slow she hasn't been single in a while and doesn't want to jump in another relationship right away. What do you guys think wait it out till the end of the year or is it time to give up?


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  • 6 months and she is still taking things slow? Dude, she is not interested. You're just fuck-buddies.


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  • Let her be the one to decide the labels for whatever it is you have... Otherwise she will feel pushed toward being locked down. It has to be her choice to stick around.

  • Play it by ear and if she wants to take it slow and you like her then take it slow. I'm going through a similar thing with a girl I started seeing that I like who told me she just got out of a 5 year relationship. I like her but don't wanna be readily available for her.

    I mean how much do you like this person?

    • I really like this girl i got out of a five year relationship a couple years back and every girl that came into my life didn't do much for me or i tossed them aside and didn't really care for them as i was bitter and cold. But when i started talking to this girl I was set back cause i actually felt something for her and she seemed to take some of tat bitterness out of me

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    • But yeah it was very quick. We talked for nearly 2 months before I came back from school but we only saw each other twice in a week and that was it.

    • so it was just a quick run two months isn't that bad