What does it mean when a guy says he can't do anything because he fasting?

There this guy that I been seeing for awhile now, every weekend I would go visit him and we would get a room and spend time with each other and have sex. well a day ago I told him I was going to come up there this weekend to see him and he told me that he was fasting and that he couldn't do any thing. He said it will be a. couple of months and he will let me know when he done. Now I know what fasting is but what I don't understand is why wouldn't he able to do anything? plus he doing for a couple of months so I don't even know if that's even good? my point is just because he fasting shouldn't mean that I can't still see him right? can someone give me an insight on this?


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  • he isn't eating while the sun is up and has limited things he is allowed to eat when it goes down. true fasting involves more than food. it means going without sex, physical contact with the other sex, no masturbation, porn, drinking, drugs, etc etc etc.

    • I see so would it hurt if we just chill without doing anything? Like just watching a movie together or something? I don't see why he fasting, I asked was there a reason why he doing it he just said he wanted to.

    • spiritual growth that's why people do it. and if he is doing a traditional fast then no he can't see you.

  • He would have no energy to do anything physical but no way he is not eating for more than a month or he would be dead


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  • What is fasting? I am not a native English speaker and it's the first time I've ever heard of that term...