What happens if you live in social isolation?

i was forced to live in social isolation once because of illness and i lived in social isolation for like 5 years, i barely had any friends, i was 11 till about 16,5 and i couldnt work, all i could do was go to school and go bck home and sleep, during that time my mind would play tricks on me and i would get really depressed and create this imaginary world to keep myself entertained, kinda like daydreaming, i would lose touch with reality, i woke up at 23 realizing that i had been depressed all the time without me realizing it. Is this even possible?


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  • God, that must have been some illness. I'm sorry, that sucks that you had to go through that.

    I've been socially isolated before. Kind of am now. It doesn't help anything. My anxiety gets worse.

    I don't make up an imaginary world, but I keep to myself a lot and am easily agitated. I don't feel depressed, I just feel kind of like I'm drifting through life.


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  • Yes. Though for me I channeled it into writing as I have a form of autism. But I was also considered gifted and entered university when many kids were in elementary school. This made socializing weird because of the age differences and sometimes interest differences. Though oddly sometimes my interests back then were even more geeky than the other people I was around. I was lucky to have others that were supportive and spending part of my life in a communal type society where we were all like a big family.