Why do I always blow it when talking to guys?

i have bad luck with guys. im awkward, i talk too much, and, come off as too friendly (i use a lot of cute not flirty emojis)
so im shy but found courage and met this cute guy at a game. we chatted without me puking on his shoes and as i was walking away my friend told him that i wanted his number. i tried so hard to run but he caught me and asked 'why didn't you just ask yourself? i don't bite'. as we were leaving he got the number of another girl in our band (who's like 5x prettier) i was pretty sure he wouldn't bother texting me. however, the next morning later he surprised me. i was so determined that this time would be different that i began to over think things to say and when would be a good time to reply, but ultimately settled being myself and on sending a hi with a cute smiley thirty minutes later. after an hour and two bland messages later he stopped replying. i began to think that maybe this same old approach wasn't working and i had messed everything up but then he texted saying that his phone had died. so that started the day of vague, boring, not going anywhere conversation. he tried flirting a few times, but i wasn't sure if i should react this early on so i shot him down. after awhile he started sending those one word messges and even though they I wanted to seem like i didn't care what happened as much as he did, i asked him if i were annoying him which he insisted i wasn't. so i changed my persona a few times trying to live up to those dating mags then deciding it wasn't for me then going back and geez it was just awful and he probably thinks im crazy. besides that he stuck with me day and it ended with him asking for a photo. i decided on one i felt was 'okay' but he hasn't me messaged me since...
it's sad because i really wanted this one too work. should i wait and see if he message me, move on, or message him if i do what should i say? do you think i still have a chance? or is it that im too unattractive?


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  • Most guys, myself very included, don't like talking on the phone. Try and secure a real world interaction early on. If you're too nervous, remember that there's a man, naked in a ditch starving to death in Indonesia that is laughing at your first world confidence problems right now. That's how I do it haha.


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  • You don't always blow it. It only happened once. You will have many chances in your life to date a guy.