I am 24 and all alone?

I literally lost myself over my past years. I had a troubling childhood. Looking back i dont even know how i dealt with it all. I come from a broken home, my mother is mentally ill and depressed, she isn't active and never has been active in our lives, this cost a lot of frustration between me and my siblings. I was the middle one so i was also the one who was the calmest but they usually took their anger out on me as if i am supposed to handle and know everything. When i was 11 i got diagnosed with a severe case of scoliosis it was severe enough that i needed to wear a brace, i did that from the age of 12 to 16,5 without complaining but the treatment took a toll on me emotionally and i got depressed but i kept going to school, during that time i lost my mother because she started to hear voices so she wasn't active anymore in our lives. At 18 i got so depressed, i t felt like my head was about to explode and i thought i had a family i could rely on and obviously i dont, they stabbed me in the back, friends who i thought were friends aren't friends, i feel like at 24 i am alone and have no to back me up, i never had a boyfriend either or sex for all that matter, i still live at home and i truly regret the decisions i took the past years i feel like i let people play with my head and i let my family control me and i feel like im drifting through life. I am 24 and all alone now, no family or friends, my younger sister used me and stabbed me in the back and blocked me on fb fo no reason. I feel really depressed, what should i do?


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  • you are a survivor. maybe you don't like the past, but that isn't your future. When you are a child... people do control you. As you were in your teens, you dealt with the situation the best you could. That's all anyone can do. Now you see you don't want that and you keep writing about the same things because? you want to change! You want something else and to feel good about yourself and life. So that is your future, it will be better if you put the past away and find something, anything good to focus on.

    you only write the negative things. Im sorry to hear you had scoliosis... I've known other people with this and they were happy to get past it. That you had treatment means your mother or someone took care of you and got you help. Some people don't get that much attention or help.


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  • I'm really sorry to hear about that. It's really sad seeing people live through social isolation as you feel that you are. Try finding a hobby or visiting a library.. etc and meet people who have the same interests as you. There will be people out there who'll like to be your friend. I think what your sister did was wrong, but I can't really judge the situation with the little information I have between you both. You'll get out of this phase of loneliness don't worry.


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  • I'm 24 and i also feel like i haven't done much, i've had a couple of girlfriends but i'm still a virgin however you are a woman, you shouldn't have too much trouble, just go to bars and parties and eventually a guy will go after you.

  • Just a few days ago you posted about a guy who used you for a booty-call. Now you're a virgin?

    • Lol I'm really happy I read your comment before I wasted time reading the post.

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