Am I worrying for no reason?

So I've been talking to this guy for a month (but this isn't the first time we have tried dating) and we have hung out every chance we get and I even met his kid this weekend. But the thing is he just got out of an engagement 2 months ago. So we have talked everyday and today I had to text him and it just seemed he wasn't in the mood to talk. Is it just a bad day or is he falling out of interest? We even had lunch yesterday and he kissed me in the parking lot...


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  • It seems like he has a lot of shit on his plate. He's probably wondering what he's doing right now, if this is best for his child, etc.

    You can't really rush someone in this situation. Just give him some time and then drop him a message saying, "I miss talking to you" or something. It might bring him back, but if he's not interested, you'll definitely know by his response.

  • Is it me or girls insecure about everything? I'm just noticing that the majority of questions they ask are about insecurities they have.

    • Well me gut feeling was right. He is getting back with his ex.

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  • Well since he was interested yesterday you shouldn't worry