Guys, How men feel about women with physical diseases?

I'm just curious. I have rheumatoid arthritis and it means that I can't do a lot of the things most people do my age. I'm not disabled, however I do have mobility issues sometimes. Does this matter to guys in a relationship? I mean I know it depends on the person, but do guys just get completely turned off by people who have physical ailments?


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  • Of course it's matters, but how much I don't sure, I girl need many good traits to try and compensate for things like that, also diseases who are infectious and hereditary diseases usually matters more, for obvious reasons. As for non-infectious and hereditary diseases, guys tend to be turn off more by diseases that effects girl's looks, the from diseases that effects girl's activate, and the reason for that can be found in the trope 'Men Are Strong, Women Are Pretty'.

  • I dont think that it should make any difference that you have RA or not. Men that shy away from something that you cannot control are not worth having in your life. There are plenty of men that will date you for you and will not let the RA effect the way they feel about you. It's a part of who you are, the ones that truly care will accept that and be there. I myself am in a similar situation on the opposite end of your question. There is a woman that I am talking to right now whom has anklosing spondylitis. The moment I read her dating profile, I had this overwhemling urge to be there for her and take care of her (I can't explain why, it was just there, is that weird?). We talk a little bit but I aways feel like she is afraid to open up.

    • Hm I understand why she may be afraid to talk about it. She may not feel like letting you know that part of her life, or even so maybe you help her feel less different. I think that's sweet you have an urge to help her. People, at least in my experience really appreciate the support. I hope things go well for you :)