I feel like guys just treat me like a hot girl and nothing more?

Guys I've dated are constantly telling me how "hot, sexy, beautiful etc" I am.. but the thing is I feel like that's all guys see me as.

I am educated, nice, and have a lot more qualities to offer other than my looks but I feel like the only type of guys I attract are guys who just want to sleep with me. I don't dress overly provocative or anything either and I have just reached a point in my life where I want something real..

What do I do?


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  • I'm not sure about the guys you have dated but for me it is really easy to compliment a women on her looks because she does not usually show off her intelligence or when she does I don't think to compliment her on it. It seems odd to compliment her on her personality and character except in a letter or flirty note.
    I think that the girls that I flirt with would agree with you. That I'm only after their body but I'm not. I was just taught that you compliment a women on her body and on her mind when she shows it off. Once in a while I do tell her that she has a great personality and character through.


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  • Most people don't see past a person's exterior until they get to know them personally.

    I'm initially attracted to a guys appearance , but it's his personality that I fall in love with. It's difficult getting to the stage of knowing someone's personal qualities , because it usually ends before you can get to that stage

    The guys who just want to use you for sex are not wanting a committed relationship. So they aren't interested in getting to know you on a personal level

    Not all guys just want sex, it's just unfortunate the ones you meet do. You will meet someone who falls in love with your heart and soul , who will view your beauty as just a bonus. It'll happen unexpectedly at a time when you least expect it


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  • Well, do you put those qualities out there too?
    You can see a woman's body at first glance, but you can't do that with her mind.
    That's the problem most reserved women have, that they don't show those qualities.

  • You just have to meet the right guy that appreciates your good personality and intelligence just as much as your looks. Don't worry you'll find someone who will!

  • love comes to you, when you least expect it, that's all i know


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  • just use them for favors until you find a guy who isn't shallow and who is capable of seeing you as a person. its not your fault some guys are just stupid and immature. just use them as ego boosts and errand boys until you meet a real man worthy of respect

    • You represent a very bitter worthless kind of women. Girls are just as shitty as men are. if you think otherwise you are bias.

    • @Jamesol1 No I just advocate treating people the way they treat you.

      You must be one of the guys who dont treat women well. Well, women like me are your karma. We give you back what you give us and play the game better than you can. If that upsets you then you should treat others better