Had a bad experience with a guy and haven't liked anyone in five years? Help?

basically when I was 18 I fell badly for this guy and after multiple years of games and being hurt I promised myself I'd never fall for anyone again. Seeing him would give me butterflies and make me so nervous id want to throw up. Basically I was madly in love with him.

now I am 23 and haven't felt a thing like it since. I've dated a ton of guys still in the hopes of somehow getting those feelings again but it appears I have none. I've officially succeeds in never letting a guy in again and now I feel like I've gotten to a point where I will never have those feelings again.

any advice? Anyone been through the same?


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  • you just have to wait it will happen, you must be unlucky yu just need to open up to people and they will to you

    • I have no problem opening up its just I never LIKE a guy. I feel nothing for any guy I date no matter how hard I try.

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    • Lol I don't like women

    • don't know what to say then, there must be someone out there for you, maybe you are giving off the wrong vibes, or being to guarded because you don't want to get hurt, good luck hope things work out for you,

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  • I hear yah! I've been in 3 relationships but my last one killed me in terms of getting into a relationship again. We had one of those fate moments. He was working at my work one week, the Friday came he had to leave, then that was that. Then came Monday the week after and i bumped into a collage of his, and then it all went from there exchanging numbers. Apparently he was going to call my work place and ask for me too. So it was cute to think that he thought the same. We dated, have a blast together but then he broke up with me over text telling me he was sorry he lead me on but couldnt be in a long term relationship with me. I was so hurt, but then later found out, he was moving countries for work and he didn't want to hurt me by doing long distance and put a time frame on us.

    Ever since then, my heart can't seem to fall for anyone else anymore...
    But i try and believe that love will find you again when you are ready for love.


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  • I was in your shoes too. Met my ex when i was 17. Dated him when I was 18- was in a relationship with him for 6 long years in which he took for granted. Took me 2 years to get over him but now that I am dating again, no one seem to stand out. Had a few flings and crushes here and there but nothing serious.

    I have not lost hope though. I know there is a man out there for me. But right now, just do you and keep a positive mindset. It will happen when you're not looking.

  • Maybe it's because you haven't let go of your ex boyfriend. You haven't let go of the hurt , and part of you is still holding onto him

  • Ur lucky I fall for someone like everyday