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Hey guys.. I met a nice girl who's completely every single thing I'm looking for in a girl... In 2 words? Okay: dream girl :) ... Anyway, through these 2 weeks we have been chatting on whatsapp every single day from Monday to Sunday... She asked me the first day if i could get her tabak for the shisha.. She asked for 1 but i got her 2.. And one time I was meeting a friend of mine to eat with him in a turkish restaurant in the city.. She asked me if i could get her a sandwich.. Which i did.. But instead of normal one, i got her a doubled oneπŸ˜….. One time she told in the midnight around 12 am or 1 am that she's very hungry and has nothing in the fridge to eat.. I looked on the internet for late deliveries and such things but i found nothing.. I told her and said sorry cuz i couldn't do anything.. She told that anyway she couldn't get it because she doesn't have money.. I told that it's me who was gonna pay for the food.. After that she asked if i want anything from her? I told her what do you mean.. asked me if i love her.. Told her many things but at the end i told her the truth.. She said you know i have a friend and such things.. My question for you guys is... She has a boyfriend who's been in jail for around a year.. She still chat all the time with me and i'm meeting her Friday by the way.. πŸ˜…
Do you think she's feelings for me? Or loves me? But she needs a little time to be sure that i really love her and that i'm not playing around to get her in bed? What do you think guys? And what's your advice? Thanks in regard 😘🌹


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  • She is obviously taking advantage of you because you pay for her stuff. No, she doesn't love you and you should stop being her toy.
    -Also, I'd recommend you to stop using so many emoticons, but that's completely irrelevant-


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  • No. She's using you for free stuff. As soon as the thug boyfriend gets out of jail, you'll be forgotten. Cut your losses and walk away.