Do I stand a change with this girl?

After a lot of struggle in moving on from the collapse of my earlier relationship, I have finally developed a crush on another girl I have recently met. We share a lot of shared interests and had great conversations in person which made me develop an interest towards her. We do have some significant differences too, but that is bound to be the case between any two individuals and I am willing to overlook those.

However, for a short while, we're not in a position to meet (say for three months or so) and she is very difficult to approach. When I text her to stay in touch, she normally gives me a one word answer and I don't know how to proceed further with the conversation, in the fear of seeming too persistent when she isn't interested.

So yeah, do I stand a chance? I can ask her, but I am afraid about the loss of friendship.


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  • One word answers? No, you do not stand a chance, pal.


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  • If you have to ask probably not.


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