Should I help pay?

So he has his driver's, I have my learner's (please no age difference comments... it's a long story, to make a short, we're from a mixed class (small town) so it doesn't seem different to us). He is concerned about the driving cost, as he lives an hour away. In a year I will have my driver's, but in the meantime (he has proven to me he wants a relationship... I know for certain what his intentions are and that he is not a f*ckboy... trust me), should I offer to split the cost of gas for each time he visits? That's the only thing making him hesitant.


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What Guys Said 2

  • Well sure you could offer to split the expense

  • does it have to be the gas? can you agree he pays gas you pay for food/entertainment or something of similar cost?


What Girls Said 1

  • If you Both are these two Birds of a feather who Plan on sticking Together... Sure, it's Appropriate to Split the Cost of the Trip.
    However, Buyer Beware here, dear. Once he Begins Moaning and Groaning of the 'Cost of gas for each time he visits,' he may Begin a new Beguine down the Love Line Highway, that the Trip... Is Getting to be too Long and Tiring.
    Then, might I say, Time to Think about Changing Lanes and Love Nests.
    Good luck. xx