Should I be concerned by this?

I recently stated talking to a guy on an online dating site. Things have been going well and we have been emailing within the site for about a week. Yesterday he sent me an email that was fairly normal until the last paragraph. He went from sounding like an educated man, to sounding like a 10 year old wrote it. Nothing in it made much sense and the grammar was horrible. Normally. Wouldn't think much, but considering it was so abnormal it kind of makes me wonder. Should I be concerned?


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  • Ok, I'm done laughing about emailing within the site.
    Yeah, probably a cause for concern, but not a major one. You can't tell when or who wrote that last paragraph so perhaps he was drunk or someone else was messing with him. See if it repeats before doing anything other than asking wtf the last paragraph was.

    • Don't know why that is funny. I like to be cautious. Used a dating sure once and gave a guy my real email. He asked me out on a date and I about said yes. However I decided to quickly Google his name (it was his email addy). He was a convicted pedophile and multiple sex offender. So no need to laugh at women being cautious.

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    • Like finding out they like little kids and molesting people?

    • Yep. Exactly like that, although I could also use their name similarly if it was in any other app or whatever they used to communicate with me. Regardless of whether I came off as rude or not, is my advice reasonable?

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  • Maybe he didn't think anything of it or was in a rush and had to hurry to type the last paragraph


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  • Maybe someone is ghost writing for him... you never know on a site like that. Be very wary, yes, that doesn't add up!!!

    • Yeah, the previous 10 emails have ever all been intelligent and insightful. But his 4 word sentences that were grammatically incorrect just threw me for a loop.

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    • I'd just say I never sound illiterate, no matter how much in a hurry I might be.. if yu don't count this stupid I pad filling in idiotic things when I make a simple typo.

      You don't think that was it? He didn't notice the crazy fillers? I do sound strange sometimes because of that when I'm in a hurry.

    • No the one I got earlier seemed kinda awkward at the end like the last one, but he literally condensed the five topics he talked about into two sentences.

  • maybe he was drunk or left the computer/phone out and his kid got ahold of it. I wouldn't worry. maybe ask him what the hell the last part of his message meant in a joking manner.

    • He doesn't have a kid (so he says). I mean maybe he was drunk, but he was telling me about his family, and it got weird. He mentioned that his sister has a female partner. Then after telling me about his last visit out to see them, and he went into telling me it's weird that they spend so much time together and even sleep in the same bed? Pretty sure that would make sense if you are living with your partner.

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    • I mean I could get that, but the way it was worded was equivalent to a small child telling me. Like it was just weird.

    • then ask him about it. in a joking way if you don't want to upset him. perhaps he has a sibling or a buddy got ahold of his phone for jokes perhaps he typed too fast and the autocomplete messed up his sentence

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