He's too shy. Should I try again?

I like a guy in my block. Last week I asked him out. He seemed to be flattered but said that he has a girlfriend at the moment. Then I found out through a friend that he doesn't have one but is very shy and was probably a bit overwhelmed.
What should I do now? I really like him. How can I show him that he doesn't need to be shy?


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  • Well it seems like you have already made the first move but I don't understand why would he lie to you about having a girlfriend when he doesn't have one and that is not a good sign, being shy is fine but it's not good to lie to a woman.

    If you are already taking the initiatives then just keep doing what you do and in time he will become less shy and I hope he apologizes to you for lying to you.


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  • Hate to tell you this but once they start making stupid excuses and lying about things, like saying they are already spoken for when they aren't. It means they aren't interested.


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  • Sorry he is not interested in you. He lied instead of turning you down. If you want you can still try and be his freind. Only by talking to him and giving him time will he become less shy.

  • Maybe your friend is wring and he atually have a girlfriend.
    Eveb if he's shy... i don't think he would use that excuse.

  • He isn't interested. He lied to save you from embarrassment. Leave it alone while you still have your dignity.


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