Ladies: Have you ever started liking you male friend as more than a friend? If so why?

What did he do to turn you on? What are some things that he did or you seen that made you like him for more than friends? I'm just curious to know.


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  • I have, but I guess I just realized that there were qualities about him that I really like in a guy as a boyfriend, or it could be because sometimes one move could change a girls entire perspective on a guy friend. ( you could be friends for months/years and one day she looks into your eyes for too long or something ) Oh and another thing is that usually when other friends start to think guys and girls can't be just friends, it makes a girl think a little like " oh wow, maybe we do act a certain way " which can cause them to start liking them.

    • LMAO that last part I got all my life cause I always have a close female friend that I may flirt with sometimes but we are just friends. But everyone who know me thinks I'm screwing my friend or dating her... how can a friend just get jealous, possessive, overprotective and waiting to be around you a lot even if we are just friends.

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  • If they like their friend then he never really was just a friend in the first place


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  • Me and my current boyfriend had been friends for years, used to party together. After three years he finally told me he always thought I was beautiful and stuff like that. We hung out by ourselves, not at a party and it just felt right 😳😊

    • So you always liked him or did you just see him as a friend?

    • I always though he was cute but I didn't like that he's in a gang. lmfao

  • Yes, my guy friend of 5 years I've recently started thinking of as more of a friend. We get along really well and can talk about anything, and honestly he would probably still only be a friend except that our mutual friend told me she thinks he's interested in me, and it got me thinking about him in more in that way, which has now changed my perspective on him quite a bit... too bad out mutual friend is a bit crazy and dramatic so he probably doesn't like me back :(

    • What changed for you? What got you thinking differently about him?

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    • No that comment before this one is what she told me years ago. I didn't think to much of it. I kept on being me not knowing she was falling in love with me

    • Lol well I don't think I'll be falling in love with him secretly behind his back 😛 I'll just see how it goes

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