How should I ask a guy out if I don't he's single or not?

We're both shy by nature, so I'm concerned what if this question scares him off?


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  • Whenever there is a holiday coming up, ask what he is doing/has planned. If his plans don't include a girlfriend, then he's likely single.
    If he seems scared off, it's likely that he was just surprised that you asked him, so tell him to give you the answer the next day, not right then.

    • I'm gonna ask him over text, since we hardly meet.

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    • Yeah for sure that counts. If he had a girlfriend, I'm pretty sure she would have been there for that. Tell him that he should bring you next time and see what he says.

    • Thanks so much for your advice. I'm really confused about this guy. He used to behave in class as if he had a major crush on me, still does when we're texting, but then he suddenly disappears for days.

  • the best thing to do is just ask if he's single. he may lie, but, at least you'll kind of no where he stands with you

    • Thanks, I agree that will be the best approach probably. I'm thinking of doing it over text since we rarely meet, is that okay?

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    • oh, yeah, that's fine

    • Ok. Thanks a lot for all your advice. It truly helped. :)

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  • Organise for a group of people to go to the movies in a week or so then ask if he would like to come and mention he is welcome to bring his girlfriend if he wants to. If he says he doesn't have a girlfriend then it gives you opportunity to talk to him more at the movies without the pressure as there will be a few people there, if he does have a girlfriend. you can always make the excuse that you are unwell on the day x

    • That could have worked quite well, except I don't know him well, and we don't have any common friends. :(