Are there any good dating coaches out there?

Okay so I suck with women. I get the vibe sometimes that girls are physically attracted to me, but the instant I open my mouth it's like that attraction almost instantly goes away. I need to get this part of my life handled so I'm looking for a dating coach to help me out. Even if you're not necessarily a "certified" dating coach, if you're willing to coach me a lot during the process of interacting with girls I would greatly appreciate it.


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  • I doubt this is the right place to be asking about something like that.


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  • A lot of people on here are sadly fake "alphas" who preach nothing more than stuff like just flirt, be confident, act alpha, don't be friends, don't be nice. Rubbish like that.

    What you want is someone who inspires you to be who you are and gain confidence. I like you am trying to build up my own life and be succesful. It's partly about meeting nice women than just banging any woman for the sake of it. In addition, about flirting with women I know and just taking a risk.

    I can try and help with questions, though I am still learning as we all are!

    Otherwise, I saw a pretty cool guy called michael valmont who seems pretty good.

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      Shoot me a message. I appreciate your help

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      I watch a lot of stuff on youtube in regards to interacting with women. For the longest time I never knew how to even talk to girls. However through a few videos I've learned what I was doing wrong.

      You're right though it does take time to learn the dating game. Alone it's pretty tough, the bro it would make it easier

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      Yeah I hear ya. I too wish there was a broda to help me out. Social circle girls in particular.

      It feels silly tho that you have to play a game. And I kinda feel that women are a bit crazy in that the sweeter guy has a hard time reading signs, and she acts maybe more loose around guys who she doesn't care about?

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  • Check out David Deangelo (real name Eben Pagan), you can find a bunch of his videos online for free.

    Another person who I found to be helpful (more so when you're in a real relationship, not just casual dating) is David Deida (The Way Of The Superior Man is the name of the book or audio as I recall)

  • Flirt with women on here, get ur game on.

  • Oh no don't try dating coaches 🙈they're scams like ughhh

  • Well you have a girlfriend already so I don't see why you would need one