Should I be worried about us?

Okay so my boyfriend is in prison and it's a long story no judgement. Yesterday he called me and I telling him I stressed out because there is a lot of things going on and that once my friend said since I'm stress I need some d**k and I told him what she said and he asked me do I need some d**k and I told him so so thinking it would turn into a flirty covo but instead he got upset saying he doing time and he doesn't want to hold me back , letting him know he not and I love him and only want him but the covo escalated to the point where he thinking and said to me maybe I don't know you as well and maybe we should be friend that just threw me off and I started crying and thinking like wtf. After talking about everything he telling me that's loves me and he was just overthinking because what I said I'm guessing he though I was going to cheat.. he was thinking the worse thing. So last night we talked about how we love each and things were good. But when we got off the phone my thoughts went back to where he said that maybe he doesn't know me and that maybe being friends it still hurts me. So he called this morning and we both couldn't sleep because it was still on our minds and we talked about it and squashed it officially so I thought. But when I talk to him this afternoon he was sound depressed and liked he didn't want to talk, he just got off the phone with sister which is my bestfriend but he told me they talk about their parent since they are going through somethings and I asked him though our covo what's wrong let's talk about it usually he talks about what's on his mind but he said nothing and changed the subject and now I'm thinking what if he questioning us, I can't get over what I said yesterday to him I didn't mean anything by it and he knows I am scared to lose him but I can't get over the fear that covo yesterday is going to ruin us. I just need advice on what to do... please help


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  • listen u have needs
    if he is going for some time there its natural to think that u are going to leave him
    he just wanted to spare u the whole issue
    to set u free
    he is not with u any guy would assume that u either broke up or cheat


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  • He's not going anywhere. When he gets out, you are the surest person to turn to and he will have sex with you. Then he will decide if he wants this relationship to move forward or not or keep you around until he finds another girl. Right. Ow he's s being you on a guilt trip and he knows that from inside of a cage, he has power over you. If you like that sort of stuff, that's all you, but he is using you right now.


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  • Date a guy that is not in prison or jail or on probation. Fix your self-esteem issues.

    • Na I'm kool

    • Lol apparently not according to your long ass question. I bet you put lots of money on his book..

  • Good luck you will need it.


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