Caught my boyfriend on tinder?

So, sometime last year in 2015 I found out that my boyfriend had a tinder... Through a friend whom had a tinder as well. He NEVER told me that he had one nor when he was on it. When I found out I confronted him about the "dating app" but he insisted it was to meet NEW people... (Boys and girls ) lol yea... I'm sure. But long story short we have been together for nearly 6 years until this day , and I rather have the truth than him lying to my face. But I brushed it off thinking okay , he is telling me the truth.. BUT he is telling me that he told me the truth. And yes it still lingers back of my mind but I know deep down he is lying... As well I've lost my trust with him. And I'm starting to fall out of love..

Till this day he was ONlY on it to meet NEW people

I would like anyone's input on this.

Thanks !


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  • Walk away. Anyone that lies doesn't respect you

  • You should make a profile with a fake girl's picture, then flirt with him on it and see what he does

  • Red flag. Red flag. It means his looking and thats a terrible sign