I can't date people, I feel too fat?

Okay, I'm 17, around 5'3 and 130/135 ish pounds. When it comes to myself personally I think I'm good looking and whatever and im always feeling myself. I have a lot of photos on Instagram, and quite a high following but all my instagram body pictures are always well angled and my clothes always match my body which makes me look even better. I'm talking to this guy right now that I actually like but when it comes to other people romantically I'm always stressing im too fat. This stuff always holds me back, all the time. He probably thinks I'm skinner then I actually am and like ughhhhhhh like what if eventually he wants to fuck? Like I would but I can't !!


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  • Firstly, you are a good human. That's so normal. If you want, you can wait to marriage. Look, people are very bad in the time. Don't ever doubt yourself, right? Will get better everything.


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  • Stop body shaming yourself!! Find some damn confidence your beautiful!! I'd kill to be at your weight. I'm 5'3 as well. But waayyyyy fatter.

    • Thanks girlie ty I love myself I just feel like guys won't u feel me it's weird

    • If any man judges you they don't deserve you! A true man would love you as you are and not change a thing 🤗


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  • I dated a girl who your height but 180 lbs, and damn, she was sexy. I like thick girls. They're soft and cuddly. Lots of guys love thick girls. You're not even fat. You maybe got like 5-10 lbs extra, which is fucking great in my opinion.

    • Ughhhh thanks but everyone likes girls that look like Kylie Jenner man

    • That's bullshit. I say at least 1/3 of guys like thick and big women. Most don't talk about it because they think only dating skinny women makes them tough guys, but it's true. You'll find out for yourself one day.

  • Not to be rude, but why can't you lose it? If you feel fat?

    • I've stopped working out but recently I just got a new job and it's hard to find time with that and school but I'm gonna start up again u feel me

    • Great. Good luck

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