Younger girls and older guys: how does it work?

I'm a college student (the age listed on here isn't my actual age btw) and I'm into older guys. No, not guys who are 2 or 3 years older (I mean, they can be attractive and all) but I've been crushing on men who are 7, 10, or 15 years older than I am for as long as I can remember. Thing is, I have a really hard time meeting older men and keeping them because they're usually thrown off about how much younger I am (I look older than my actual age). Or if they're shitty they'll treat me as a joke and I'm not up for that.

And no, it's not that concept where "he's older=more money" bullshit. I'm about to graduate with two masters and have a very decent job so please don't assume that.

I just wanted some opinions if you've ever been in a relationship with an older man or if you are a guy how do you feel about dating a younger girl? Please share your experience and/or opinions! :)) Thank you!


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  • Well, knowing now that there really is a genuine thing that young women have for older guys, I'd be open to it, but I would date her trying to assess her maturity level. If I felt she was mature enough, I'd definitely consider taking things to the next level.


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  • Without knowing your actual age there's not much point in talking about this.

    • I didn't want to post personal info up and I did state I'm a college student about to graduate with masters so one can assume I'm in my twenties. The other people who commented didn't really have a hard time giving their opinions so I don't think not including my age makes this post "pointless".

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    • Never once did I dismiss your concerns. In fact, I gave you rather in depth explanations behind my reasoning. Just because a person isn't agreeing with you, doesn't mean they're against you. You assumed that because of what I said, meant I was in some way brushing you off but we've been going back and forth for around 30 mins. If I was really trying to dismiss what you were saying I wouldn't take the time to explain myself. Even if you did feel as if I was dismissing you, wouldn't it had been more appropriate to say what you wanted to say (as in your advice)? Instead of just saying "you're being rude"?

    • I did tell you what I wanted to. My advice is going to be different for a 20 year old than it will be for a 24 year old.

      To continue to say "no one else has a problem so why do you" is rude. You may not have intended to be but that's how you're coming across.

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    • oh damn deep cut right there bro

  • The last woman I was with was 24 years younger than me. It wasn't odd at all. Age is just a number. What matters is how you click.

    • that's what i think too! As long as it's legal of course but whenever I tell my friends this they would have such a hard time wrapping their heads around it haha

  • There is an age bias, regardless if you're both deeply, madly in love. At some point I imagine the difference will become a consideration, but if you enjoy it go for it.
    Personally I've had a relationship with a woman 9 years my senior. It was enjoyable, but now I regret it. I feel like she robbed me of the time I could have been with someone closer to my age... robbed me of that opportunity.

    • oh I'm sorry you feel that way but thanks for your input! i'll definitely keep what you said in mind :)

  • I say go for it. You might be the kinda girl that likes to be submissive and you want an older stronger man. Thanks ok. As long as your of age it's cool.

    • hahaha everything you said was on point!

    • I know sweetheart, I could tell. Your going to make one of us older men real happy. Good girl 👋🍑

  • Works for me. My girlfriend is 13 years younger than me.

  • It just doesn't work.


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