Boys Falling in Love?

I've always wondered, when boys fall in love or have a crush on a girl what goes through their head? Do you feel what us girls feel? The butterflies when she's near or when she talks to you?


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  • What is going through my head (I get so shy around her sometimes): "Oh, she's looking at me... don't stare back too hard... too late, staring back hard, look away... she's still looking at me... her eyes are so pretty... huh, what did she just say? Wait, now she's teasing me... and she's smiling really big... annnnd I'm blushing... I hope no one saw that..." And then I wonder for long after that if she likes me or not, which has been a regular thought throughout the day.

    • Wow, that's sweet. I'm guessing its hard for you whenever you have a crush. But thank you for the answer I really appreciate it!


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  • Yup, butterflies in your stomach, a little nervous around them, you start thinking about them all the time. Most guys start imagining perfect scenarios with the girls too.

    • I actually wouldn't have imagined the scenario thing. Girls do that too, I'm happy I've learned that. Thank you I really appreciate it!

    • haha that's great. It's like a guilty pleasure for some. To tell you the truth: Guys who don't get that much attention from women can even get stuck up on the slightest things girls do and it'll make or break their day.. And if a convo goes well, we'll have a pep in our steps for the rest of the day haha.

  • It's like the early episodes of South Park whenever Stan would see Wendy.

    • I love South Park, and thank you for answering I really appreciate it!

  • Yes butterflies and I've noticed I try too hard to impress her which means I'm not exactly being myself so therefore I never get the girl I have a crush on so trying to learn to be confident around someone you like

    • Thank you for the advice, I'm really shy around them but sometimes we talk. I get really nervous around him that sometimes I just say goodbye fast and run. I really have to learn not to do that.

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