For the boys I need a honest awnser or girls?

so im talking to a guy he's 28 , and im 22 we been hanging out 5 times , no sex.
i posted a snapchat of him on my story and i deleted it 5 hours after because i assume i don't wanna post it anymore., we are suppose to hang the next day and then send me a text at 1 am
" he said to me you took your story of me down like emoji face laughing? and he never responded me to my other texts of meeting each other either then he post a story? like i ask him you don't have time to awnser my text but post a story and haven't heard from 2 days. do you think he is mind gaming me , or upset? you tell me , i honestly like him a lot and he wants a girlfriend but i feel like he having sex with other women , and he was asking are you going on dates with anyone. please help


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  • if a girl gives any hint to rejection or losing interest, guys move on, your not exclusive. so what do you expect? guys are not going to do everything ya know.

    • like i deleted the snapchat of him on my story like couple hours later bc i honestly don't keep a snapchat story for a long time in my prefrence. so how can i get back and explain

    • im not sure, just throw out a text to him saying your feelings and what you want, girls gotta learn to be forward about things not leave things hanging with guys because were not going to try to figure you girls out especially when things are obvious for us "guys" in how girls treat us. but you could be right he might have other girls. but im not going to know.

  • he thinks you lost interest. and is taking it hard.

  • he thinks that u lost interest and the snapchat removal is like saying fuck off
    thanks that will be 2 coockie box for my analysis :p

    • how do i get him back , apologizing?

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    • so what should i say and be meanful by it

    • i think u cauld try meeting for simple thing like coffee
      if he says no or ignores u it s better to move on

  • Just have sex with him

  • i still don't really understand why you removed the snap?

    • i wasn't thinking

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    • please give me a good apology so he can accept it

    • you could just say "im sorry for removing the snap, i don't know why i did it"

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