How to tell if a boy thinks your dating them?

I really like this guy I can't tell if we are dating or not he says I'm his baby girl, bae and Bebe I can't tell if we are dating or not he calls me those things which a boyfriend would call his girlfriend but he has not asked me out he knows I like him and he likes me but I need help finding out if we are dating or not I'm kinda afraid to ask and if I do ask and he says no I wanna be able to still talk to him without it being Weird?


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What Guys Said 1

  • You could always just tell him you're dating. Don't even leave it as a question. Just be like "We're dating".


What Girls Said 1

  • you said he likes you so i wouldn't worry about him saying no. just ask him :)

    • How would I ask him

    • just flat out ask "so are we dating?" dont waist your time with someone who could be mr. wrong when you could be one step ahead with mr. right :)