My friend is sabotaging things between me and a girl?

Sorry for the punctuation i dont have time
i developed feelings for a female friend of mine and my friend told her about it she never mentioned it to me but ever since then i have gotten closer to her we hang out more we talk on the phone she has gotten very close to my family last week we hung out and things were escalating very quickly we were being very touchy with each other more so than we have been in the past and she kind she was just being herself with me and vice versa we lost track of time and we wound up hanging out til 1 in the morning at my grandmothers when we got in the car i thought it was dead and she said well sleeping here wouldn't be the worst thing the car wound up starting and i stupidly dropped her off the next day we dropped off a cake for my friend and he looked all bent out of shape that we were together i wound up spending the rest of the day with her then tonight we had plans to meet at my house at 7 and she texted me saying that my friend was with her and they were coming to pick me up and they both ignored me for the rest of the night they dropped me off and then took off later on she posted something on facebook that was directly associated with something only my friend would know about so he had to have told her i'm really worried that something is going to happen he is moving to florida on Saturday and i think he is trying to make it so she won't see me anymore and i dont know what to do any suggestions sorry again for the length and punctuation


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  • Hmm sounds like jealousy yes however I wouldn't waste effort over someone who is going to over look me once someone else came or is in the picture..


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  • Tell you straight out, how you feel. Ask her out officially, so that you'll get closure. It is time to spin the wheels of faith, as long as you aren't an item, that behavior is acceptable. But when you are an item, you can confront her, or drop her like a sack of potatoes.