Ghost from the past killing my present?

One year ago I was having issues with my boyfriend, a friend of mine was very interested in me and was trying to woo me. He was saying and doing all the right things. I never let it get physical although i did tell him that I would be interested in dating him IF my boyfriend and I couldnt find a way to work things out. This guy began to take things too far; getting very aggressive and drunk all the time as well as being verbally abusive. I left where we work and got a new job and cut him and everyone we knew in common out of my life. My boyfriend and I resolved our serious issues and continue to lead a happy life EXCEPT former coworkers and friends of the abusive guy have been popping up all around me and it is giving me horrible anxiety because i told my boyfriend about him but didn't tell him I would have liked to possibly date the guy. I worry that the abusive guy will either try to say or do something to my boyfriend to break us up if he is still bitter or that he will try to confront me. All of these things have led to crippling anxiety but yet it is almost a year later. I considered getting a restraining order but i fear that mow it is too late because if he has moced on, I dont want to aggravate the situation. What do I do?


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  • I thought this was going to be about an actual ghost. Oh well.

    I wouldn't go as far as getting a restraining order. I think maybe your anxiety has made you fear for the worst. You could try talking to the guy. He may have moved on completely already. But I understand this may be difficult if the situation makes you anxious. You could talk to people who know him and ask if the guy is still trying to get together with you.


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  • If he hasn't done anything yet, I doubt he will ever do anything. He has probably accepted it. Also, you are to be blamed as well, since you gave him hope and you tried to string him along instead of telling him to stop contacting you. You used him.