Does he still have feelings for me? or is he playing? so it starts off with guy that goes to the same college as me?

we became friends and 4 months later he says he likes me , he was crazy about me for like 4 months and then he starting acting weird , he started telling me that he can't do this because he feels like i love him more and that im better off , he would ask for us to stay friends saying that maybe in the future we'll make it right , but i cut him off and he would always come back , it stayed like this for another 4 months until we had a huge fight , he came back acouple days later and asked to see me , we made up but i felt sth wa really off about us , the next day i told him that i feel like he doesn't love me anymore we argued for a while and then he said that i was right and that he was a horrible person , that was 7 months ago , ever since then we've been on and off betwen friends and cutting off for weeks , he would drop hints now and then that he's jealous , but nothing too obvious , he avoided seeing me even when i asked him if we could hang out , until one day i was going out with 2 of my friends that are a couple and he told them that he would come bbut he wanted to surprise me that day was basically a date , we were acting just like couple would fooling around checking eachothers' phones seeing who each of us is texting he even unfollowed a hot girl on nstagram when i told him to even though he knew i was kidding , a couple days later we talked about us and he told me that he doesn't have feeling for me and that he would be happy if he saw me with someone else because apparently thats what i need, and i cutt him off for a couple of days and he comes back telling me that he really wants to stay " just friends " , and that if i stll have feelings for him i shouldn't show anytype of jealousy or show him how i feel because that's what he wants.. and then 2 days ago he just texts me and trys to get me jealous and then i mentioned a guy who i think is cute he immediatley says he's gonna sleep and then the next day he apologizes and says that he was just jealous


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  • Jesus Christ, how much longer are you going to bang your head against a wall trying to make it move? It's obvious to everyone this relationship won't work and never will except you. He's wanting to remain "friends" so he can pop in and out your life when he wants to fuck. Get over him, cut all forms of communication and get on with your life. You will not remain friends even if he suggests or agrees to it


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  • I have a friend like that too and we used to be best friends but shit like this happens and now I cut off all ties with that guy. It hurts bloody hell at first bcs he was always there to support me when I'm in slumps but then now that I'm over him and I'm used to not having him around, my life is a lot more peaceful.

  • I think he's trying to play you.