Men, if a girl tells you she likes you but isn't into playing games and to either stop playing games or best of luck out there would you?

35 year old man 30 year old women both independent professionals no kids... 4 dates and he said he wanted to keep me on my toes no set future date but he wanted to see me again.

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  • I don't play games, nor do I let myself get pushed into things I'm uncomfortable or not ready for.

    In the unlikely event I did get such a message after four dates I wouldn't contact her again because she's trying to boss me around and control me after four dates?

    • well if you dont play games why would you say you wanted to see a girl again and not make a plan to see her. I offered to cook dinner 3-4 days later he skipped that in the conversation. Yet after said again he wanted to me this week but proposed no day or plan? Sounds like a game to me,...

    • Don't project his shit onto me.

    • sorry not the intention i only meant if not a game what would that mean.

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  • I am not a man but that sounds so ridiculous. At my age I would not put up with that. Dating should be easy and simple and straightforward. If you like each other then you just go with it. It also sounds like he is so sure he has the upper hand if he thinks you are just going to be okay with that. Like you just can't wait to find out when he will come take you out again like he is doing you a favor. I would just stop talking to him all together and show him that is not how it works.

    • I agree... being a professional adult I dont do the last minute plan I do stay active and social and busy. I would like to see him again but im not putting a weekend on hold or a night if he can't give some proper notice... text me Friday at noon for a date that night... ill have made other plans.

    • Exactly! Also, if he wanted to see you again so badly he would make sure that he has something set up. Make other plans and tell him you are busy every time he asks, eventually he will realize that is not how it works.


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  • I feel personally at that age I would have started with the games in the first place.

  • not contact her


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