Why is friend sabotaging everything?

Sorry for the punctuation
I have this female friend who i have developed feelings for but my other friend who is best friends with her also has feelings for her we aren't really friends anymore because of it i have gotten closer to her over the last few months and he has started to get very bent out of shape about and started telling lies about me to her she has told me that she has no feelings for him and he is like a brother to her is it possible that he is doing all this stuff because he knows she likes me or could it be something else i have a great connection with her she remembers eveything about me she is very close with my family we cook together all the time but she is closer with him and i dont know what they talk about when they hang out


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  • Why are y'all letting a girl get in the middle of yalls friendships

    • Its more than just her he has done other things too should have elaborated

    • Oh ok i see well he is definitely sabotaging you because he knows the girl likes you and he's trying to get her to stop liking you

  • Yes, your friend definitaly is sabotaging things. UNLESS she is saying the same thing to him, (that she likes him and stuff)

  • Maybe he is jealous


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