Does this guy like me or he only sees me as a friend?

I have a guy friend which is my classmate , he had been talking to me a lot and very frequently lately. He texts me almost everyday , and it was about homework and assignments. Besides work , he also always checks me asking if I was okay when I was sick. He teases me a lot too. I noticed he is a very sensetive too. He also started to discuss with me about his problems and stuff and asks for my advice on how to solve them. He also compliments me a lot , saying I have a very beautiful voice and he just can't get enough of it. He will also compliment my pictures on social media , how neat my work is etc.

I dont know if he likes me or he only sees me as a friend. Would guy texts girls everyday if he only sees her as a friend?


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  • Sometimes a person likes someone and they don't know it. Sometimes it takes telling them that you like them for them to realize they have those feelings as well. I think he is just being friendly, because that's stuff that I would do, but I could be wrong.

    I have a friend that I met at work. She was upset and I talked with her and we've been talking ever since. I tell her all the time that she is really beautiful and that I could stare at her smile all day. I text her and message her and compliment her photos. I have no romantic feelings for her. I've thought about it a few times, but I don't feel a desire to be with her. If she came up to me and said she liked me, I would give it a shot because why not? but otherwise, I'm happy with the relationship we have.

    • Thanks for the reply ! It makes sense now. I forgot to mention , he once asked me if I had a boyfriend and what kind of guys Im attracted to. Does it mean anything?

    • He's probably interested, but I wouldn't take it as anything beyond that. Liking someone isn't as simple as that but if he's asking he is probably interested. I don't see the point in asking those kinds of things unless he just likes prying into yours business. In the end it really depends because every guy is different.

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  • He is attracted to you.


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  • Well, he certainly likes you as a friend but whether he sees you more than just friends or not I can't say that for sure.

  • He cares about you


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