Why is my boyfriend not responding? Is he alright?

The guy I am dating is in the military and always on assignment so it is super hard for us to spend time together. Not being able to hang out is hard on our relationship but we try to make it work the best that we can. He does not care how much time we have to spend together as long as he is able to see me and know that I still love him. He is so sweet and patient he is willing to wait as long as he has to because he knows that I am willing to wait for him and that I wait for him to come back from assignment and he really wants to be with me. We have tried to hang out with each other for a month I am trying so hard to make time for him but he is only stationed here so he does not have anything to do where as I have work and my everyday routines to do and it is hard to find time for him. He gets upset a lot because we are never able to hang out but he understands my dilema and he is willing to wait. Last week I had 4 days free that I was able to spend time with him and he told me to let him know when I had time and I did let him know ahead of time so that we could plan and I was so excited I made sacrifices to get those days off. I messaged him like 6 days in advance and he did not answer. He might have been busy because we is always working all of the time a lot and he is getting ready to leave on another assignment so I think that is what he might have been doing. But I was kind of sad because I felt that even if he is busy he could have still answered my message because I asked him a yes or no question but he did not answer. Usurally when I message him he will message me back when he gets time but since i know that he is not on assignment and that he saw my message it is strange and has me worrying because he is able to respond but he is not. I am not going to make a big deal out of it but I am just wondering why he is not answering. I even gave him a deadline to respond asking him to let me know before yesterday and he saw the message but did not respond. Advice?


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  • He's probably banging the hot female drill instructor right now.


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  • I, too, will Not... Make a big deal out of it. Nor will I be Rude and crude here, dear. You certainly don't Deserve it.
    I believe that he is being a bit Selfish and Inconsiderate and feeling less, and if he has Something that he Might need to tell you, this Military Man needs to Man up and Tell you that he is not just "Busy," but feels Time... May have Run out.
    No more contact. He Owes you some Time now.
    In the meantime, Focus on you.
    Good luck. xx


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  • You've been dumped.


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  • Your boyfriend is obviously not that serious about you.