Guys, Hurt and confused and maybe used?

So I've been dating a man for 7 months however he just asked me to help him get his license recently and I said I would. he gave me a date he wanted me to help him, but he take vacation days a week before the date he said I was suppose to help him and says that's the day he needed the help and he has no more vacation days. To make a long story short he has been acting distant theirs hardly no more comunication I asked him about going to the movies he doesn't want to go I really wanted to help him but could not get off because he took off 2 days the week before and it was suppose to be the week after my question is was this a way he wanted to break up with me


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  • I think you should end the relationship. You don't need a guy like that. He can get the license himself in his own time with his own money. He is being a jerk.

    • Thank you good advice and I did just that. I ended the relationship


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  • Sorry but it sounds like he just wanted to use you

    • Thanks for the advice