What is my ex doing to me?

So me and my ex-bf broke up about 9 months ago, and hadn't spoken since. It was a bad breakup, and he really hurt me. Last week he invited me to one of his parties via Facebook, then sent me a text asking me to go to the party, and apologizing for not talking to me when he sees me around. After that i suggested instead of trying to talk drunk at a party just a coffee catch-up would be easier. So we did, and it went well, we caught up and It was pleasant... but ever since that text he sent me I can't get him out of my mind, and before that I was completely over him.. do you think he has other intentions, or was it as simple as waving the white flag?


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  • You were stupid talking to him at all then meeting him to "catch up" was dumber still. He's between gfs or someone to fuck so he wants to use you as a backup plan till he finds someone else. Never have anything to do with an ex. It didn't work the 1st time and it never will no matter how many times you keep being stupid and going back


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  • it depends , but honestly give it sometime to let yourself decide if you want to be in a relationship or not.
    list of pros and cons