My boyfriend of 2 years and i got back together 2 months ago, after we broke up for 3 months (where he ignored me- while i put in every effort to see/talk to him). Now that we are back to being together, i still don't feel like i trust him- as he says he "loves me" but ignored me for months! Yes the fights were bad... but how can you just ignore someone for 3 months and then run back to them after? Thoughts?


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  • Unless it happens again, you should try to move on and forget.
    Still, I've no idea why a guy would ignore his girlfriend for 3 months. My girl could always expect a reply from me within 3 seconds. lol

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      Thanks for mhbiwtoo. (Most Helpful Because It Was The Only Opinion) lol How are things going now?

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      Thank you so much for the follow up. We fight non-stop, not sure how long this is going to last :( I guess some things may not be meant?
      Have you ever gone through a similar situation before?

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      I don't think things would work between you. I'd suggest breaking up... 🙁

      As for me, the closest I've gotten to a girlfriend is a life long BFF. Mutual love at first sight in kindergarten. lol 😊 Super long and complicated story short, her mom prevented it as my family continued to move, and she died a few years ago... I loved her 100 times more than myself, but now have no choice but to try again... 😥

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  • maybe he's just stubborn


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