Have you ever had to pick between two guys?

I'm having a nightmare at the moment and feeling really overwhelmed. I got out of a realtionship it was hard so just wanted to have fun. So I wanted to just date around but tbh it's horrible. I ended up liking two of them and they both like me aswell. I haven't slept with either of them. But I know I need to make a choice. The both of them are very similar in personality both lovely guys.

My my friend is a serial dater so I thought if she can do it and have fun so can I, but I can't and I'm starting to feel guilty. Have you ever been in this poistion and how did you choose?

  • You should think who has similar goals to you regarding the future
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  • Break it off with both of them it will be easier
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  • Take a break from the two of them and see who you miss most
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  • Other
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  • make a pros and cons list. worked for me


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  • Never had to

  • Take a break from the two of them and see who you miss most. 😊

  • No.. I'll be lucky if I can find one guy.