He is trying to diss me?

BuSo I've been dating this guy i use to date when i 16... im 24 now... anywho we hung out again this past Saturday. but the day before we were suppose to hang out he says "good luck you text me i forgot to store you number in my new phone... blah blah.. he text me Sunday randomly telling me how sleepy he was from hanging out with me etc and how he was sleep half the day i responded, well anywho i text him Wednesday asking him how work was and he says "omg its good i have to store you number" ... i dont know if im overreacting or what but i find it odd that we been hanging out for a month now and u keep forgetting to store my number... and im not sure why he feels the need to tell me this... is he trying to play a game , trying to hurt my feelings.. i dont get it...

I didn't reply back yesterday. .. today he text me asking me how work is and blah blah. I still haven't replied. . my feelings are hurt... weve known each other 8 years.. talked off and on.. so why does he do this?


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  • He is admitting to you that you don't really mean that much to him


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  • I am sorry, but he probably doesn't care that much about you, otherwise he would have saved your number.